Infrared Scanning

A modern preventive instrument!

Infrared thermography is the process of obtaining and analyzing thermal information using non-contact imaging.

The thermographic inspection or the infrared camera used in a residential or commercial building is a preventive instrument that can detect defects invisible to the naked eye, in a non-intrusive and non-destructive way.

Thermography makes it possible to detect problems on electrical equipment before the breakage occurs and also makes it possible to check live electrical installations since the inspection is carried out without contact.

How are Galko Électrique's inspections different?

They are like a one-stop shop, because we offer both the infrared inspection combined with the service of an experienced electrician, who can provide valuable input right on the spot.

At Galko Electrique Inc. our thermographic inspections are carried out by a certified thermographer and an experienced electrician, thus combining technology and competence. You will receive a professional on-site opinion and additional equipment information. Following the inspection, Galko Électrique Inc. will produce a complete and personalized report presenting the details and images of the visit as well as the cost estimate to repair the anomalies identified.

Thermography Applications:

Did you know?

Temperature is a key variable in almost all processes and situations. We have seen many examples of this over the past two years thanks to Covid-19. When we feel the slightest deviation from our normal body temperature, we feel sick. When we bake a cake at too high a temperature, it might not rise and taste awful.

Temperature is the idea behind many industrial processes, for example, we change the temperature of materials to melt and reform them, and then we change the temperature to return them to a solid state.

In other words, temperature is critical in almost every process, situation and industry.

ATTENTION! Seul un entrepreneur électricien peut faire des travaux d’électricité, à titre de bénévole ou non!


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