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Voltage Changes

Do you notice a drop in the current in your home? Do you have stroboscopic lights?

Have no fear, your house is not haunted! Call us to find out how we can help you!


Electrical Distribution Modifications

Are you renovating, adding a balcony or doing work that requires moving your electrical distribution? At Galko, we can help!


Removing Roof Tripods

What is a tripod? It is the metal or wooden support that connects the Hydro-Québec cables to your home. Installed on the roof of your home, this support is obsolete and is no longer required for new electrical installations. If your tripod base is rotten or you notice it flapping in the wind – we have solutions that won’t damage your roof.


Inspection Report

Have you received an inspection report and need to have your electricity checked? Galko has all the answers to your questions and all the know-how required to ensure your home is safe and market-ready!


General Electrical Analysis

Did you know that you don’t have to wait for the inspector to get a report on the state of your electricity? To get a better idea of ​​the points that will be raised during an inspection and to correct them before the inspection, contact Galko Electrique and let our experts help you!


Service Call

Whether for information, advice or an emergency call, Galko Electrique is there for you! Our teams of certified electricians always go beyond your expectations, without compromising on quality and installation. We offer flexible hours, 24/7 emergency service to our clients and fixed service rates. You always know what to expect when you call Galko Electrique.


Lighting Installation

Have you moved in and are tired of seeing sockets hanging from your ceilings? Have you maybe changed your style lately and your chandelier is outdated? Or do you have a fixture you are attached to and want to install it in your new home? Whether for your home, cottage, condo or business, Galko Electrique offers its customers the assembly, installation and replacement of fixtures, lights and chandeliers.

Not sure what you want to install? Let our experts help you! At Galko Electrique, we have access to a large inventory of quality light products! We can advise you and help you make a choice according to your style and budget.


Lighting for Bedrooms

Sometimes electrical outlets are controlled by a light switch and there is no ceiling light in the center of the bedroom. At Galko Electrique, we can separate the lighting sockets and add electricity to the center of the rooms. In addition, we have beautiful and quality products for wardrobes. Say goodbye dark spaces and hello to light!


Solid Internet Line

Since Covid, more and more people are working from home. In order to optimize the quality of data transmission, the installation of an Internet line from the modem to the computer is increasingly required. At Galko Electrique, our certified electricians are also trained in data transmission cables. Call us and stay connected at all times!


Hiding Network Cables


At Galko Electrique, our master electrician has been trained in network cabling. What is network cabling? It’s everything related to television, internet, telephone and even speakers! The Galko advantage is that unlike other network cabling companies, we can hide the cables in the walls instead of keeping them with staples along door frames. Need a quote? Look no further!

Electrical Outlet Protection

Our customers often ask us to install new sockets because their sockets do not have a ground. Many older homes have obsolete electrical wiring, namely nob and tube type wiring. This wiring is over 100 years old, and it is obvious that the best solution is to replace the whole thing, however, this can involve a major investment. There are several temporary solutions available to you to minimize the investment, and ensure that your devices and loved ones are protected. Call us to find out more



Also known as Smart Homes.

Home automation allows you to control your devices such as lighting, heating, blinds, surveillance cameras, smoke detectors and much more, via a computer or a laptop, a smart device such as a tablet or Ipad or via your cell phone. More and more home automation products are available on the Canadian market.

At Galko Electrique, we stay on the lookout for newest products, and offer you the possibility of making your purchases directly with us. We offer several major brands of home automation products such as Lutron and Nest, and can even develop an entire project by collaborating with our certified home automation representatives.

Contact us and discover the many possibilities at your fingertips!


GFCI/GFCI Receptacle

The GFCI or GFCI is an outlet that protects users against electric shock in the presence of water. In the case of an existing home, this type of outlet is required for outlets located 1.5 meters (5’) or less from the sink.

Outside, the GFCI/GFCI socket protects the person who performs tasks using electrical devices (such as lawnmower, electric snowblower, pressure washer, etc.)

Note a GFCI/GFCI outlet should NEVER be installed for sump pump!


Surge Protection

In order to adequately protect the increasing number of electronic equipment in homes, we can install a surge protector directly to the electrical panel, protecting all of your devices at once.


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