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Electric heating is a clean and efficient energy, offering
safety, comfort and economy.

Whether you need to heat a single person, a room, a residence or a business, the choice of a heating unit depends mainly on the following criteria

There exists a broad range of heating products and wide range of prices.

Here are some examples of electric heating products :

A heating device with a heating element that is activated by an electric current.

A more economical form, it stores heat and emits it gently and quietly. Radiant heat warms everything that is in front of it.

The air is drawn in naturally at the bottom of the unit, heated and then distributed pleasantly, evenly and quietly throughout the room. The speed of heat transmission as well as its amplitude and projection are more considerable than the electric baseboard.

Compact, quiet, forced-air heater perfect for hard-to-heat areas like bathrooms. They can be installed on the floor, wall or ceiling.

Efficient and reliable heater (commercial or residential). It produces a lot of heat and its solid construction lends itself very well to open areas such as workshops, garages or construction sites.

The unit emits heat on the feet, knees and legs. It can be installed on the panel of your desk or on a wall. It is very energy efficient and plugs into a 120-volt outlet.

Cable installed under the floors will make you feel warm from head to toe. It is ideal for all rooms in the house and/or hard-to-heat areas. It is silent, economical and safe. It is important to note that the role of a floor heating system is not to heat the whole room; often a wall unit is required to adequately heat the room.

Device is non-electronic and non-programmable with a round button control.

Device with data displayed on a screen, allowing you to control the temperature easily. Single programming.

Device whose data is displayed on a screen, allowing you to control the room temperature easily. Multiple programming and/or pre-programmed.

If you see black spots on top of your thermostat, it is possible that some components are overheating. Have your thermostat checked by an electrician at Galko Electric. CONTACTEZ-NOUS

Device that allows you to control the temperature of your smart home. You can control the temperature of your home, office and/or cottage from your smart device (cell phone, tablet, iPad).

It requires an Internet access at all times.

Galko Electrique also offers the connection of electric furnaces and hot water tanks.

At Galko, we can suggest a wide range of products for all your heating needs. Whether it is for commercial units such as architectural baseboard heaters, or ceiling units for your garage.

Patio heater

Extend the pleasure of being outdoors with a patio heater! Efficient, effective and offering modern designs, we can advise you on several models designed for our Quebec winters!

Heated floors

  • Under the floor heating for bathrooms, laundry rooms, hallways, kitchens, etc. - wherever there is ceramic tile on the floor, under the floor heating is, in our opinion, a must!
  • Is the price of your cables included in the price of your Tiler? No problem - we still offer a cable validation service at three specific points during the installation. This is a must-have service that ensures your cables are not damaged, because it's never fun to start over!
  • Please note that it is possible to install a heating floor without a membrane.
  • Your existing floor heating system is no longer working? We can check it with specialized instruments and help you identify the problem. Call us to know our fixed price for the verification service.

All our appliances come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Did you know?

At Galko we can suggest a wide range of products for all your heating needs. Whether it's for commercial units, such as air curtains or baseboard heaters on architectural legs, ceiling units for garages or warehouses, or even under-desk heaters to keep you warm in the winter, we have a solution for all your installations.

ATTENTION! Seul un entrepreneur électricien peut faire des travaux d’électricité, à titre de bénévole ou non!


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