Electric fireplace


An electric fireplace is the ideal device to warm a room, provide comfort and create an atmosphere. It provides the look of a gas fireplace or a wood fireplace. You can choose it with or without heat. In addition, some come equipped with a remote control. Consult a certified electrician for installation.

On the market, for example, a wall-mounted electric fireplace for a living room or a family room that produces 5000 BTUs and heats a room 400 square feet, is equivalent to a heater of about 36 inches.

There are three types of electric fireplaces:

traditional fireplace

stove fireplace

wall fireplace

These types of fireplaces do not consume any fuel and are therefore completely environmentally friendly. They are highly efficient, affordable and require no venting, piping or chimneys. In addition, they do not require replenishment, since they are powered by electricity. Finally, since they produce no open flame, the danger of a fire is almost non-existent. The majority of electric fireplaces have a power that varies between 1000 and 1500 watts. They can therefore be plugged into conventional outlets. However, a standard electrical circuit contains a maximum of 12 outlets for a total of 15 amps. There are chances of the circuit breaker tripping, if your household has a 15 amp load, and the outlet you plug it into is already loaded. In order to avoid this problem, it is better to install a new outlet dedicated only to the electric fireplace. Always be vigilant and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, and above all seek advice from a qualified electrician. Before you purchase a new fireplace, make sure it has the seal of the Underwriters Laboratory of Canada (ULC) or the Canadian Standards Association (ACNOR or CSA).

Installing an electric fireplace can be relatively simple. Trust your work to Galko Electrique who can give you sound advice on the installation requirements and tell you if your electrical panel can support this new load.

Did you know?

Since October 1, 2018, and according to a municipal by-law, it is forbidden to use fireplaces and wood stoves on the Island of Montreal. Many citizens have turned to other options, including electric fireplaces.

ATTENTION! Seul un entrepreneur électricien peut faire des travaux d’électricité, à titre de bénévole ou non!


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